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Grand Final press conference

15 May 2011 at 05:58 CEST

The final press conference immediately following the Grand Final performance had difficulties getting started, as journalists and delegations broke into cheers and photographers clamoured for photographs of the victorious duo.

Eldar began: “Sorry guys. The only thing we want to say right now is we love you very much. Thank you very much, Dusseldorf. Thank you, Europe.”

Nikki added: It's unbelievable - such a great feeling!  Our dream came true!

Eldar then interrupted the conference to sing a traditional Azerbaijani song with his delegation and Azerbaijani journalists in the audience.

One journalist asked Eldar and Nigar if they knew what their winning secret was. Eldar and Nikki gave thanks to God, their deceased grandparents, and their parents.

Eldar: “I think were going to cry at home.”

Nikki continued: “To everyone who voted for us and loved our song, to everyone who believed in us, thank you.”

Eldar: “Please guys if you wish you just have to believe and everything will come true. This is the truth. You know we had our national final on the 15th November and now it's the 14th May and I believed from the first day that we would get it. Thank you very much for everything - we love you very much.”

The singers also expressed thanks to their fans in Azerbaijan, who of course could not vote for them, but who supported them all the way.

Asked about the unifying power of music for Europe, Eldar responded: “The culture makes people come together. This is the main thing.”

Asked how the two planned to celebrate their victory, Eldar replied: “We're definitely going to drink something and have a good party because this is amazing.” The women in his team then cheered in agreement.

The two were then asked about the next steps in their careers. 

Nigar: “ I don't know what its going to be, but I'm sure it will be great.

Eldar: We ll try a solo career and a duo career and hopefully everything will be great.”

In response to a journalist's question, Nigar said that she would first be returning to Azerbaijan and would later travel to her residence in London.

Because the two are known for their love of learning languages, one journalist asked if the two we're planning to produce multiple language versions of their song. Eldar: “We just had an idea to do it in French, but we hadn't enough time before. We love to learn so many languages as you know, and we'll try to do it in French, Spanish, and German.”

One journalist asked the two if their song won because it helped Europeans to escape their current political and financial problems. Eldar replied: It doesn't matter if it's a love song or some other song. You should put your soul in it and try to make people understand what you want to say to them. This makes all the people in the world feel better. If we can do that it means that the world has more love.”

One journalist asked how being in the UK had influenced her musical style and helped her win Eurovision She responded: “I'd never been singer before. I was a housewife and mother of two children and my biggest dream was to represent my country at the Eurovision Song Contest. And my dream came true. I'm so happy about that. I couldn't believe that six months ago I was a housewife and now I'm a winner of the Eurovision Song Contest.”

A journalist again asked what was unique about their song that others lacked: 

Nikki: “Everyone had something special with their song. I don't know why, but maybe because we really loved our song and really tried so hard to show the love, the pure love and how it's important in life.”

Eldar repeated the sentiment he had voiced earlier: “Now we can say that all dreams can come true - you've just got to dream.”

Another journalist asked if their habit of not thinking about the Grand Final and always focusing on their next task was a key factor in their success. Eldar agreed: “Yes, exactly. We're not thinking about climbing the highest mountains. We're just trying to do our job step by step.”

Nikki added: “We do our job with true love. Sometimes it was hard. Sometimes we had no time for lunch and dinner, but we loved what we were doing. And now we're even happier, thanks to God.”

Asked if the two planned to tour Asia, Eldar answered: “Music doesn't have any borders. Sure we'd love to!”

Again the two expressed their amazement at winning the Contest. Eldar: “We can't believe it yet, but I think we'll be able to believe it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.” Nigar: “We are still in shock. We've been screaming so much!” The two then delivered a winners' scream to vent their excitement. They also expressed general thanks to their team. The two concluded by thanking Germany for hosting an amazing show.

EBU Executive Supervisor Jon Ola Sand then appeared at the press conference to congratulate Azerbaijan and invite its officials to begin making preparations for next year's Contest: “Hosting the Eurovision Song Contest is a big challenge and I have here an invitation to the team to come to Geneva to start planning for next year's contest in Azerbaijan. If possible we hope to have an even better contest next year."

The Head of Delegation thaked the EBU and NDR “for organizing the best show I've evers seen on European TV.”

The press conference then closed with a photo session.