Graham Norton: "Terry will be back!"

Sir Terry Wogan... Controversial. Loved. Hated. Whatever you think of him, the United Kingdom's Eurovision Song Contest legend has been one of the reasons people tune in at the BBC, to watch Europe's annual music extravaganza. After the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Wogan heavily criticized the voting and announced it could well be his last Eurovision Song Contest. Graham Norton, who was tipped to take his place at the commentator's booth, now refers to this story as "just rumours". According to Norton, no one had spoken to him about it, even!

"It's a really hard gig to take over from Terry because he is genius at it and has made it his own. I think they are changing the voting a bit next year so I'm sure he'll be back," Norton said. The TV host refers to an announcement of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to re-introduce a jury vote in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, made earlier this year.

If Wogan will actually take place behind the BBC microphone to provide commentary at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest remains to be seen, as no official announcement has been made by the British broadcaster or Wogan himself.

News about the involvement of juries in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is expected to break in the upcoming days, so keep an eye on!

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