Google projects winner based on search results

Based on Google search data, the projection tool shows how popular each participant is in each participating country and then calculates the scores they would get if the voting took place today. However, Google rightly points out that 50 percent of the result on the Final night will be determined by a professional jury; "So we can't predict what their vote will be." The forecast model still misses data from 5 of the 39 participating countries.

Currently, Germany's Lena is projected to win the 55th Eurovision Song Contest by the search giant. The top-10 looks as follows:

Last year, Google correctly projected Norway's Alexander Rybak to win the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

The Eurovision Song Contest is becoming more and more popular on the internet. This month alone, 7 million videos were viewed through the contest's channel on YouTube. 1,3 million people checked out this month.

You can check out the projection tool for yourself at Also, you can embed the tool on your own website or blog!

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