Glen Vella (Malta) 1st press conference

It took Glen five attempts to make it into the Eurovision Song Contest. “I always wanted to represent Malta here. So I had tears in my eyes when singing during the rehearsal because I was just so happy,” Glen joyously admits. The cheerful artist shares his passion for the contest with the majority of the Maltese population, as Anton Attard, Head of the Delegation, confirms: “About 75 percent of the Maltese watch the Eurovision.” Glen adds: “We’re a small island and the event is so big. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate cultures and to perform in front of very many people.”

Together with his background vocalists, the Maltese will be singing a song about a topic that is very important to him: “One Life is a song about diversity and acceptance. We should start now: If everyone accepts each other the way they are, then one day we’ll live in a better world.”

The singer knows what he is talking about. He works with teenagers with disabilities and likes to “celebrate inclusion”, as he puts it. “I’m very sensitive towards that topic,” he adds, to emphasise that he’s serious about the message the song shall deliver.

He’s quite modest about his goals, however. “We want to deliver a good vocal performance, that’s most important and I hope that Europe will vote for us,” he says humbly. If things go well for Malta, he and his fellow singers will be on stage on May 14th, where Glen will be celebrating his 28th birthday. Best of luck!

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