Glen Vella having the time of his life

Malta will be the 11th song in the First Semi-Final in Europe's Favourite Tv show on the 10th May, which  meant that Glen Vella opened the second day of rehearsals in the Düsseldorf Arena. He spoke exclusively backstage before his rehearsal,

"I'm not tired. Since I'm the first one in the morning, I woke up at 6 o'clock in the morning after going to bed at 10. I'm charged and full of energy!" said Glen.He got tears in his eyes when he saw the stage.

 I've always dreamt of Eurovision, ever since I've stared my career. When I saw the stage, I got tears in my eyes, honestly!

"My aim and even the team's aim is that we have fun and that we give a good performance on the 10th. It's up to the audience voting. I wish I get  Malta back to the Final, and I will be celebrating my 28th birthday on the 14th of May, so that would be a great present for me."

Have a look at Glen backstage, prior to his first rehearsal.

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How the act looks on stage

Glen is accompanied on stage by three female backing singers, who are all dressed in black, with short skirts, and black thigh high boots. They are each wearing sunglasses and similar hairstyles, and are standing on slightly raised platforms.

There are two male backing dancers, who were wearing black vests, with the slogan One Life Malta emblazoned across the front.

Glen was casually dressed this morning in jeans, white t shirt, black waistcoat and jacket. There was a pair of pink framed sunglasses in his breast pocket.

The background on the LED screens, was brightly coloured geometric pattern and shapes, and could be described as pyschedelic. 

Have a look at the pictures of Glen Vella and his backing performers on stage.

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Why is everyone wearing sunglasses?

At the press conference following the rehearsals, all the Maltese deleagtion were sporting sunglasses, Glen Vella, the dancers, the backing vocalists, the composers, their Head of Delegation plus Glen's manager. I fact the only person not wearing sunglasses was the conference moderator Branislav Katic.

This however was quickly corrected, as Glen presented him a pair to wear during the session. The reason for the sunglasses was symbolic, they were from the sunny island of Malta, and they like to see life through different lenses.

Glen had some fun with some of the fans and journalists present, as he made out he was wearing special glasses, that could see what colour underwear they were wearing, or if indeed they were wearing any underwear at all!

One of the composers is Paul Giordimaina, who represented the island in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991. Paul was aked about what differences there had been in the intervening years? Apart from the fact that his hair had disappeared, he commented on the fact there was no live orchestra anymore, which he didn't know was for better or worse, but he had his own reservations on the topic.

Both Glen and Paul talked about the huge enthusiasm that Malta has for the contest, as for the small island it is such a huge event, and everyone is very supportive of Glen. It gives an opportunity for the different cultures and music to be seen and heard in front of a huge audience.

So what makes Glen's song stand out from the others? "It reflects Glen's beliefs, what you see and hear his him."

Have a look at the Maltese in their sunglasses at the press conference.

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About Glen Vella

Glen is a resident singer on several leading TV shows in Malta.  He has recorded various jingles and theme songs for Maltese TV series and radio shows. Other media related work includes live participation and singing on radio shows in Belarus, Belgium and the Netherlands. Glen has also held main roles in numerous popular musicals.  Furthermore, he is actively involved in the prominent Maltese Gospel choir Animae, of which he is a member and founder.  Through his participation in local and international festivals, he has managed to achieve outstanding results including a triple FIDOF Award obtained from three different festivals and the Jury Award which he received at the Golden Stag International Festival held in Romania in 2009. 

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