Gjoko hopes for another trophy to his collection

Finally, the day had arrived when FYR Macedonia would choose their entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. It had been preceded by two semi-finals the last two days and 16 songs had qualified. Now it was to choose the best of the best.

It was between the best eight participants from each semi-final. The audience could give their votes since the first song took the stage till 15 minutes after the last one finished. People from even Canada, Australia, Sweden and Turkey could vote! 

In the meantime they got a very special guest performing - the winner of the 2010 Albanian national selection - Juliana Pasha. And not just only her winning entry but more! 

She was followed by Vukašin Brajić, who gave a first look how the Bosnia-Herzegovina act could look like in Oslo as he's the one who will take the stage for his homeland there. And then - Karolina, who represented FYR Macedonia back in 2002 and then again in 2007.

Once again, the choice was made the same as the two nights before. Namely, the jury would give their points one by one and then it was time to reveal the televotes. In the tight competition, it was Gjoko Taneski who won the first place, placing before Vlatko Ilievsk and Maja Vukicevic. 

You can see his song below.


Who is he?

The first time Gjoko Taneski appeared on the music scene was in 1996 at one of the biggest and most popular FYR Macedonian festivals, Makfest, when he performed the song Go, Don’t Fool The Heart (Odi Ne Go Mami Srceto) a song for which a new arrangement was recently made.

Immediately after his first public appearance at Makfest '96, many people recognised Taneski’s talent which resulted with several collaborations with composers and songwriters and his career began to take off. Soon he started receiving awards at many festivals and still does so!

His musical career reached the peak in 2007 when his biggest hit was played on radio stations and television channels for months and Gjoko used this moment for promoting his first album Zbogum Najmila (Farewell Dearest).

Only two years later, Gjoko showed and proved that he does not know the meaning of a break in a musical career by promoting his second album named Nikogas Dosta (Never Enough). His passion is travelling, getting familiar with new traditions, cultures and customs.

The writer of the song, 43-year-old Kristijan Gabroski, is one of the most popular and most productive FYR Macedonian composers, he is also a lyricist, an arranger and a producer.

He was a leader of the cult rap-rock-folk group Risto Bombata i Kuceska Tenija. They released two albums and a double single. Their first album is the best-selling album in the history of the FYR Macedonian pop and rock music.

He'll perform fifteenth in the first Semi-Final on the 25th of May in Oslo, Norway.

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