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Gianluca meets Bonnie Tyler for tea

16 May 2013 at 17:17 CEST

Both Gianluca and Bonnie come from a large family. Gianluca comes from a family of seven siblings. They are all connected to music. Bonnie explained that she has three sisters and two brothers. One of her sisters and one of the brothers are also singers.

Gianluca presented a copy of his Eurovision CD containing the song Tomorrow to Bonnie, who asked Gianluca to sign it for her as Doctor Gianluca. He explained that the CD contains a family version of Tomorrow sung by the Bezzina family.

She was very happy to hear that all the Bezzina family are somehow involved in music and continued by saying that she has always wanted to cover the track by the Pointer Sisters, We Are Family.

Bonnie presented her latest album Rocks And Honey to Gianluca. The album was released in March. It contains the United Kingdom Eurovision entry called Believe In Me.

Before the tea meeting was over, Bonnie, who is an experienced artist, gave a word of advice to Gianluca. ”No matter what the result will be, as long as we feel that we’ve done our best. Luckily with all the lights we don’t see all the audience, pretending they’re not there; just look at the redlights!” stated Bonnie.

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'Tomorrow' in Swedish

The song Tomorrow is leaving a very positive vibe in Sweden, to the point that the song has been translated to Swedish by popular TV characters Igor and Petter. The Swedish version is called Imorgon

Both Igor and Petter have some important roles on Swedish TV.  Igor plays a leading role in the popular series ‘Junior Doctors’ and Petter hosts a very popular TV show called ‘Bacillakuten’. The Swedish lyrics have been kept very faithful to the original lyrics in English.

The video shows a collection of smiles of this unforgettable journey of Gianluca and his band in Malmö. It includes some video shots from the visit to SUS, a hospital which specialises in paediatric intensive care for children from neonatal to adolescents from all over Sweden. 

The video shows meetings of Gianluca with Loreen, the winner of the 2012 Contest, and some of this year’s participants including Koza Mostra from Greece, Cezar representing Romania, Sophie and Nodo from Georgia, the lead singer of the Bulgarian team Elitsa Todorova, the Italian representative Marco Mengoni, Valentina Monetta from San Marino, Krista Siegfrids from Finland,  Eyþór Ingi representing Iceland and of course with the United Kingdom star Bonnie Tyler.

Gianluca will be competing for Malta with the song Tomorrow in the Second Semi-Final which takes place later this evening from 21:00, which you can watch our player.

As a member of the Big 5, the United Kingdom are already qualified for the Grand Final on Saturday the 18th of May.