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Gianluca Bezzina wins Maltese final

A very packed Mediterranean Fairs And Conference Centre enjoyed the Maltese final tonight.

A closely fought contest saw Gianluca trounce the competition and Tomorrow will be the Maltese entry in Sweden.

The televoting public  went for Needing You sung by Kevin Borg, but the combined results along with the juries gave the victory to Gianluca.

The final line up tonight was as follows:

  1. Scar – Superstar
  2. Dorothy Bezzina – Starting From The End
  3. Corazon – My Stranger Love
  4. Jessika – Ultraviolet
  5. Gianni – Us Against The World
  6. Davinia – Betrayed
  7. Kevin Borg – Needing You
  8. Richard Edwards – Falling Like Rome
  9. Janice Debattista – Perfect Day
  10. Deborah C – Love-O Holic
  11. Claudia Faniello -When it's time
  12. Gianluca – Tomorrow
  13. Chris Grech – Never Walk Away
  14. Petra & Richard – Wonderful Today
  15. Amber – In Control
  16. Domenique – Too Little Too Late

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Calling the winner too early

We also want to apologise for publishing an article earlier where we announced the winner of the show prematurely. Of course we have no knowledge who wins a national selection before it happens on TV! But to give you the results faster, we prepare articles for all the possible winners. This time one of the prepared articles got published by accident. And in the end we had another winner after all! So, sorry, but unfortunately we cannot predict the future…