Getter Jaani (Estonia) 2nd press conference

Sugary singer Getter Jaani happily chirps in her high-pitched voice that the rehearsal went “really great.” She feels really comfortable on stage now. A couple of dance moves were also changed.

“We’re translating the meaning of the song on stage and now we have the perfect match. I’m sure we’ll do our best,” says dancer Ahto. It’s not surprising that song and choreo are in harmony, as the dancers and singer Getter have been collaborating for a year now.

Ahto even suffered a minor injury during the rehearsal. One of the dance moves includes stamping on the floor, during which he hurt his ankle. But the arena's first aid crew were quick to provide him with some cream to treat it. “Now I’m as good as new.”

Asked if the Eurovision is popular in Estonia, all agree strongly. “Indeed, because the people also select the Estonian song before we go to the event,” says background vocalist Anna. Will they be heroes if they win? Anna is modest: “We’ll be small heroes. Estonians love singing, so people would know.”

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