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Getter Jaani (Estonia) 1st press conference

04 May 2011 at 20:33 CEST

Her song is pure fantasy. Rockefeller Street could be in New York or it could be anywhere. As the lyrics suggest, “Everything is more than surreal.” With their acrobatic moves and flirtatious dancing gestures, the male dancers serve as symbolic guardians and protectors of the fairy princess Getter, who stands on top of a miniature 5-story big city building which serves as her podium. As one of the dancers explained: “We tried to do it in a theatrical way. We wanted to tell a story, not just do steps.”

The dancers accidentally received a few scratches and scrapes during the performance, but other than that they felt the rehearsal went wonderfully. All of the delegation were excited about the venue. Getter gushed: “I've never been on such a big stage before. My first reaction was 'Wow!'”

Although Getter studied fashion and shoe design, and harbours many ambitions, her greatest passion definitely lies with singing. Right now, the goal of the Estonian delegation is to make it to the Grand Final. Sven Lõhmus, the composer of Rockefeller Street, sums up what he believes it will take to win: “There's no secret - its about luck, choosing the right singers, and having a sixth sense when you write a song.” Good luck to Estonia!