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Geta Burlacu to Belgrade representing Moldova

09 February 2008 at 23:57 CET

And now for the final twelve songs!  

Geta Burlacu will be only the fourth Moldovan representative at the Eurovision Song Contest, with Moldova a relative newcomer only having taken part since 2005.

The Moldovan national final was held at the National Palace and a total of twelve songs made it to the final. Last years Moldovan entrant Natalia Barbu performed her entry from Helsinki Fight at the start of the show, and after this the specialist and TRM jury members were introduced to the audience.

Differences of opinion with juries

The twelve songs were presented in reverse order from where they had finished in the preliminary qualification round before making it to this final selection stage, with the winner of this preliminary round Olia Tira performing in last place.

The voting process was made up of two juries, specialist and TRM the Moldovan broadcaster (1/3 of vote each) and public televoting (1/3 of vote) 

Geta Burlacu won the specialist jury vote,  with Olia Tira and Galina Scoda jointly winning the TRM vote and Alexa convincingly winning the televoting. It was however the combined totals of the three sets of votes which meant that Geta Burlacu would be the winner.

After an impressive early record in the Eurovision Song Contest with a sixth place in their debut year of 2005 and tenth place last year in Helsinki, Geta Burlacu will hope to continue this trend and qualify directly from the first Semi-Final in Belgrade.