Get up and dance with InCulto

InCulto are all wearing white shirts with black ties and brown tartan patterned trousers. The lead singer is also wearing a grey waistcoat. They begin the opening of the song with two of the band playing the kazoo. After the first chorus, the sixth InCulto member, who is initially standing to the side of the stage runs across and removes the microphone stands and hands the guys five inflatable musical instruments, all bearing different colours which they mimic playing for a short time and then throw to the stage floor.

The backdrop has continuously flashing lights which are blue,red, white and yellow during the first part of the song and pink and white during the latter part. As in the national selection performance, the band members throw off their trousers prior to the last refrain and reveal sparkling glittery silver boxer shorts!. This twist at the end of the song proved a resounding success with the spectators who gave an approving reception.


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InCulto well and truly wake up the press

InCulto arrived at their press conference playing instruments making quite an entrance. The whole conference was very positive and upbeat throughout, and at one stage the band were teaching some of the gathered press the dance moves to Eastern European Funk.

When asked about how their rehearsals went, the lead singer added "I think it's a crime to make people sing their Eurovision song at 10 in the morning, but apart from that it was great." As for their aspirations and what InCulto are trying to achieve, he added "We made a band where it's music for everyone whatever age they are. The idea is to do what you do and have fun with it. We have a very low budget this year, so our delegation is based upon manpower and will."

A Scottish reporter, from Kingdom FM, Elaine Dove who happened to be wearing a T-Shirt sporting the slogan Lithuanian Men Love Me presented InCulto with five pairs of Miss Scotland pants and dropped a hint that they may like to wear those ones instead of the silver ones during their performance!. The band appreciated the gesture and threw back a pair of their own silver pants in return.

A member of the press remarked that this had been the best and most enjoyable press conference to date in all of the rehearsals.

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InCulto's history started in 2003 – Jurgis Didžiulis, a Colombian-born musician, found himself immersed in the club scene of Lithuania. Mixing Latin rhythms, funk energy and punk, InCulto's mainstream success was imminent. Seven years down the line, InCulto boasts two well-received albums, a number of Lithuanian music awards, more than 500 gigs not only in Lithuania, but also in the U.S., United Kingdom, Poland and other territories – ranging from intimate shows for 100 fans to entertaining thousands of punters during big open air performances. In 2006, the band was nominated by MTV Europe for Best Baltic Act award and since then, InCulto has become a household name in Lithuania. In the Lithuanian national final 2010, the group got the highest marks from both the professional jury and the televoters.


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