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Get to know the hosts and their outfits

24 May 2010 at 21:07 CEST

For the first time since 1999, the Eurovision Song Contest will be presented by a trio again this year: Nadia Hasnaoui, Erik Solbakken and Haddy Jatou N'Jie have rehearsed a lot and pracitsed hard in the last few weeks, they had coaches to perfect their English and French, and they watched the rehearsals of the competing artists these last few days. As they arrived right after the dress rehearsal of the First Semi-Final, they still had their make-up on. "We have never been as beautiful as now," Erik Solbakken commented on that fact. Haddy N'Jie added: "There are actually a lot of people helping us to be beautiful."

The presenters explained that they will not be together on stage all the time. While Erik and Haddy will focus on reports from backstage and the green room, Nadia will conduct the voting. The fact that she grew up in Morocco and therefore is fluent in French will, of course, be an advantage for her.

When they were asked about their previous television and stage experiences, Nadia mentioned that she had already presented the 2004 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and she has done all kinds of TV shows during the last 20 years. Erik said that, for him, the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest would be the first experience in hosting a TV show for all audiences, as he conducted mostly children's programmes so far. Haddy is the only one of the presenters who is also famous as a singer - she has released already three albums.

A journalist asked the trio if they would implement any changes before the First Semi-Final compared to today's dress rehearsal. Haddy replied that there would be minor changes in the camerawork and in other technical fields, but "nobody will notice them." Erik explained that they even rehearsed several scenarios about what might go wrong, so they are even prepared for the worst case. But for now, everything is going fine, and the hosts, as everyone else here in Oslo, are looking forward to three great TV shows!

After the press conference, the designers of the hosts' outfits got an opportunity to introduce themselves to the international press and to showcase the Norwegian fashion design scene to a wider audience. The dresses that Nadia and Haddy will wear in the First Semi-Final were also shown to the journalists.

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