Germany wants top 10 position in Oslo

As previously announced, for the first time ARD and ProSieben will work together to select the German entry for the 2010 edition of Europe's favourite TV-show. The leadman behind it will be the TV-personality, composer and singer Stefan Raab. 

At today's press conference the broadcasters revealed more details about the plan. It'll be an open selection for which everyone who's at least eighteen years old can apply. The first casting show - not a televised event - will be held on the 18th of September at Brainpool. That's one of the nine planned castings. A total of 20 singers will be chosen and the focus is finding unknown artists.

Germany to the top 10!

There will be eight shows in February and March, the first five on ProSieben, the quarter-final on ARD, the semi-final on ProSieben again and the final on ARD. The decision in every show will be taken by the televoters. Even though, there will be a jury which consist of three people, the permanent member to be Stefan Raab.

In the final, there will be two candidates left. First, the viewers will chose the song that will represent Germany and then the singer. So far it's not known who will write the songs for the final but Raab might contribute one. The songs chosen have to be tailor-made for the singers.

Germany has decided to give its all this year and thus all the important ARD radio stations will be involved in the shows too. They've set a goal of being in the top 10 in Oslo.

In 2009 Germany finished twentieth in the Final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with Alex Swings Oscar Sings! song Miss Kiss Kiss Bang.

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