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Germany: "Unser Song für Malmö" launched

23 November 2012 at 07:00 CET

Hanover, the home town of the most recent German Eurovision winner, Lena (pictured), will host the German national final for Malmö, to be held in the TUI Arena, which has a capacity of 11000 spectators.

"We want to bring the music to the fans, that's why we decided to move the event from the TV studios to a big arena. Furthermore, the Hanover public is known as one of the best in Germany", explained Thomas Schreiber, entertainment coordinator of the German public broadcaster ARD.

The show, which will be called Unser Song für Malmö, is to be aired on 14 February, and it will feature between eight and twelve well-established music acts. Right now, a seven-member jury, comprising experts from NDR, Brainpool, and record labels, is selecting the competing artists.

In the show itself, the winner will be chosen by a three-part voting system: Already one week before, the listeners of the "young channels" of German public radio will be asked to give their verdict on the entries by means of online voting. During the show, the TV public can voice their opinion by televoting and SMS voting, and a five-member jury panel consisting of music and entertainment experts will give their votes, too. Each of the three pillars of the voting system will be equally weighted.

If you want to join the show live in Hanover, tickets will go on sale already today via the official Unser Song für Malmö website. Stay with not to miss the announcement of the German finalists, which is due in the near future.