Germany selects Alex Swings Oscar Sings internally!

This year, NDR had drastically changed the selection procedure for the German entry. After having had national finals since 1996, it was decided this year that a specially-formed jury would choose Germany's entry internally. The reasons given for this were Germany's bad result in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest - the group No Angels came last out of 25 candidates - and also declining viewing figures for the national final last year. NDR however stated that the internal choice this year would be a one-off event and that the broadcaster would return to a national selection next year.

Oscar Loya is a new name in the German music business. He was born in California and is about to release his first solo album. The song Miss Kiss Kiss Bang is being produced by Alex Christensen who is known for many European hits with his own projects U96 and Alex C feat. Yass. Together, they will perform Germany's entry under the name Alex Swings Oscar Sings!

The presentation of the German entry is expected during the Echo Awards which will take place on the 21st of February on ARD's main channel "Das Erste".


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