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Germany's Roman number

20 May 2012 at 18:41 CEST

A Roman number of outfits

During this evening's rehearsal Roman Lob tried on, and performed in a number of outfits, all of which included his trademark hat. The various combinations were all of a very casual affair, mostly they were with an open shirt, with a whiteT-shirt underneath, and it appears the final decision as to what he will wear in the Final is still to be determined.

Fortunately the song is not relying on the choice of stage outfit, but on the vocals of the 21 year old singer, and he has no problems on this score, and gives a very assured and confident performance.

Like the title of the song, Roman is pretty much standing still in his interpretation of the song, though he moves around a little bit, and has the steadycam revolve around him at one point, as he looks down the camera lens.

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Stay tuned to for a video of the German rehearsal.

As Germany held their first press conference yesterday, there is no press conference scheduled for them today.