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Germany: Roman, Yana, Ornella and Shelly qualify

09 February 2012 at 23:15 CET

As always, the show started by a televote that determined the starting order of tonight's candidates. Because only five candidates remained in this quarter-final, each singer had the chance to perform twice.

After their performances, Alina Süggeler, Thomas D, and Stefan Raab - all of which are German music "experts" - commented on the songs and stage performances.  Then the TV public chose tonight's qualifiers by means of televoting. This is the outcome (in order of appearance, qualifiers in bold):

  • Katja Petri (5th)
  • Ornella de Santis (3rd)
  • Shelly Phillips (4th)
  • Yana Gercke (2nd)
  • Roman Lob (1st)

Tonight's performances can still be watched on the official Unser Star für Baku website. Next Monday, the semi-final of the German national selection for Baku will be aired on Pro Sieben, at 20:15 CET.