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Germany: Qualifiers for club concert announced

10 February 2014 at 12:00 CET

The club concert held on February 27th will decide which young artist will get the eighth and last available spot in the German national final. These are the ten talented acts that will fight for the wildcard:

  • Ambre Vallet from Berlin
  • Bartosz from Lemgo
  • Caroline Rose from Paris
  • Cassie Greene from Hamburg
  • Elaiza from Berlin
  • Max Krumm from Oberhausen
  • Melanie Schlüter from Frankenthal
  • Nicole Milik from Neuss
  • Simon Glöde from Flensburg
  • Valentina from Cologne

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Previously, more than 2200 musicians had applied to be part of the event by submitting their Youtube clips after popular German singer Adel Tawil had launched a campaign to ask for applications.

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You will be able to watch the show live from the Edelfettwerk club in Hamburg on the TV channels NDR Fernsehen and EinsPlus, as well as via webcast, starting at 22:00 CET. It will be presented by German celebrity Barbara Schöneberger, while Janin Reinhardt will be in charge of live reactions from the green room. Roman Lob, who represented Germany in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest with Standing Still, will be guest of the show and he will present his new single All That Matters.

The TV viewers will decide by televoting and SMS vote who of the ten candidates will get the ticket for the German national final, on March 13th in Cologne. There they will join the seven acts which have already been selected previously: Das Gezeichnete Ich, Madeline Juno, MarieMarie, Oceana, Santiano, The Baseballs and Unheilig. 

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