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Germany: Line-up for club concert announced

02 February 2015 at 07:00 CET

Seven participating acts of the German national final, Unser Song für Österreich, are already known. Now it is time to find out who are the candidates to receive a wildcard for the eighth spot.

The following artists will try their luck in the club concert, to be held on February 19th at 22:00 CET in Hamburg:

  • Aden
  • Alisson Bonnefoy
  • Ann Sophie
  • Ason
  • Klangpoet
  • Lars Pinkwart
  • Lou
  • Moonjos
  • Sendi Hoxha
  • Sophie

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These ten acts were chosen by a jury out of 1270 videos that had been uploaded by some of Germany's most promising musicians and bands. The jury included representatives of German public TV channel NDR, production company Brainpool, record labels Sony, Universal and Warner, Independent Labels, as well as the "young radio channels" of public broadcaster ARD.

The decision who will get the precious eighth spot in the national final will be taken solely by the TV viewers.

The German national final will be broadcast live from the Hanover Arena on March 5th at 20:15 CET. Host of the show will be Barbara Schöneberger, the interviews from the green room will be presented by Janin Reinhardt. You can watch the show live on!

This content is unfortunately no longer available