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Germany: Lights and Smoke for Ann Sophie

20 May 2015 at 13:34 CEST
Ann Sophie
Ann Sophie is representing Germany in Vienna with an instantly catchy song called Black Smoke. And black smoke is what the spectators will get to see in the arena and on the screens on Saturday too, as it's the main image on the LED backdrop. The captivating singer has her own distinct fashion style: black pantsuit, high heels, and one very special red and gold earring. Find out the story behind it below, and check out our footage from the rehearsal right now!

On stage, we literally get to see Black Smoke - it is displayed on the LED screens in the background. The second distinct element of the act are big lamps emitting warm yellow light and giving the whole act a certain club atmosphere.

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Prior to Ann Sophie's second rehearsal, we spoke to Torsten Amarell, the Head of the German delegation: "Ann Sophie is thrilled and can't wait to have her second rehearsal because she really feels at home on this wonderful stage with this marvelous design. We are certain that we will deliver a brilliant show on Saturday evening."


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One of Ann Sophie's "trademarks" on stage is a single long earring. This time it was a different one than in her first rehearsal though: Golden, with three white gemstones and black feathers attached.

While proceeding to the stage, Ann Sophie seemed calm and relaxed, doing some last vocal training exercices.

Differents kinds of love

In the press conference, Ann Sophie first told about her experiences during the recording of the "postcard" introducing her entry. It was filmed in a wind channel and she simulated ski jumping. "I was scared in the beginning because I didn't know what was happening but then I enjoyed it."

"I am a bit sick, but I hope to be fine again on Friday" she added. "We are still figuring out some stuff in the stage. I am nervous! To be nervous is good though."

So, how can you avoid situations of faded love as described in Black Smoke? "I am not 80 years old yet so I don't have all the experience in the world. But if two people are meant to be together, they should be. But sometimes you mix up love with needing a person. Sometimes love can fade but you still love each other. And you can even still love each other but you realise that you cannot be together anymore. So there are very different kinds of love but the most important thing is to love yourself."

To a question regarding her stage costume and shoes she wore in today's rehearsal, Ann Sophie said: "We tried a different outfit today, and I also tried new shoes but they were really too high. I am not goint to wear those." She jokingly added: "You can have them, yes."

Silver Into Gold is the title of her album - does it refer to the German national selection, where Ann Sophie won after first-placed Andreas Kümmert decided not to accept his initial victory? "The title has nothing to do with what happened in Hanover. I wrote the song already in 2011 in New York, and it says that, no matter what happens, we can still turn our soul from silver to gold. It's not a joke", Ann Sophie explained.

Ann Sophie was drawn to perform in the second half of the Grand Final.

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