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Germany: Lena's staged birthday celebration

23 May 2010 at 20:00 CEST

Lena entered the stage shortly after 17:00 Sunday afternoon to perform the second rehearsal of her Satellite. When she stepped up, the attendees had a special surprise prepared for her. Immediately when she entered, a large German delegation in the journalist's section burst out into Happy Birthday. Then the entire backdrop of the stage turned into the German flag, displaying a birthday greeting in both English and German.

One aim for Lena for the second rehearsal was to communicate as much as possible with the steady cams. The only changes since Saturday's first rehearsal consisted of the camera work, where more close-ups were now used. This 19-year-old is new to TV productions, so a priority for her is to get the communication with the cameras right.

Lena has received plenty of attention in Oslo. Her song is a massive hit in Germany, and when she rehearsed on Sunday, the interest from journalists was very great. Among the Germans in the press section of the arena, a large German flag was waving.

Because of a welcome reception held by the city of Oslo, no press conferences were conducted by the last five countries rehearsing on Sunday. These press conferences are instead held on Friday, to allow Lena and her colleagues time to prepare for the party.


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