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Germany: Lena is no stranger

08 May 2011 at 19:14 CEST

Loads of press in Lena's rehearsal

The big favourite of the home crowd was on stage for the second time in two days - Lena's last chance to freely rehearse her song Taken By A Stranger before the general rehearsals which will start on Friday.

Compared to yesterday, there were just minimal changes, it is interesting to see though that Germany is one of the very few songs this year that start off in complete darkness, before all the white lights commence which create a pyramid-like effect. The mystic atmosphere is strengthened by the backing singers and dancers in  their futuristic grey outfits.

Lena delivered several thrilling performances today and looked at the cameras in a very enigmatic way, a contrast to her light-hearted performance of Satellite from last year

Lena Meyer-Landrut has become a media phenomenon in Germany after winning last year's German national final and consequently the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo. She has sold hundreds of thousands of her two albums since then and the young German singer has been all over the German press.

Lena was internally chosen by German broadcaster ARD to be the country's representative in this year's contest, and that decision seems to pay off now: Lena didn't leave anything to be desired in today's second rehearsal and the press already starts rumouring that it might be a second, consecutive victory for Germany!

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Backstage with last year's winner

Lena arrived backstage very focused, talking quietly to her assistant. After being the centerpoint of much attention, she took care to concentrate on her stage presentation before rehearsing. But she still offered time to

After her first rehearsal, Lena received praise from many journalists for her stage presentation.

"I'm thinking of the song, nothing else. You're just hearing the music in the in-ear pieces, nothing else, and you can only see the stage and the audience. So I don't know, it's a stage thing," she explains.

The intensity of everything is not bringing her down.

"Everyone's very nice and I'm feeling very comfortable. I'm a bit tired, but it's okay," she says.

She was asked if she gives everything in her rehearsals? "Yes, always. I don't know why you wouldn't give 100%."

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