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Germany: Five more qualify in "Unser Star für Baku"

19 January 2012 at 23:42 CET

This year, the German representative in the Eurovision Song Contest will again be chosen  through a talent show, Unser Star für Baku. In tonight's second heat, which was presented by Sandra Rieß and Steven Gätjen, ten young singers performed, out of which five qualified for the second stage of the show. Here is tonight's line-up (qualifiers in bold):

  • Andrew Fischer (9.4%)
  • Polly Zeiler (3.4%)
  • Sebastian Dey (12.7%)
  • Jörg Müller-Lornsen (4.0%)
  • Ornella de Santis (12.343%)
  • Rachel Scharnberg (13.3%)
  • Tina Sander (7.1%)
  • Umut Anil (12.5%)
  • Yana Gercke (13.0%)
  • Vera Reissmüller (12.269%)

Alina Süggeler, Thomas D, and Stefan Raab gave their "expert" opinion on each of tonight's performances, but the qualifiers were picked by televoting alone.

You can watch tonight's performances again on the official Unser Star für Baku website. The second stage of Unser Star für Baku, where you will meet the qualifying candidates from this week and last week again, will start in a week from now, and it will again be broadcast on ProSieben at 20:15 CET.