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Germany: Dita von Teese on stage?

Posted 29 April, 2009, 17:54

According to the German tabloid Bild she will be presenting the German song Miss Kiss Kiss Bang together with Alex Christensen and Oscar Loya. Previously the German entrants had 'promised' a big star on the stage. So, is this it?
According to Dita von Teese's website she'll be in Moscow during that time at a 'private event'. Watch the German entry below.
Von Teese is best known for her burlesque routines and is frequently dubbed "the Queen of Burlesque" in the press. She began performing burlesque in 1993 and, as a proponent of New Burlesque, has helped to popularize its revival. In her own words, she "puts the tease back into striptease" with long, elaborate dance shows with props and characters, often inspired by 1930s and 1940s musicals and films. She's also an actress and model. She's been married to the shock-rockar Marilyn Manson.
Germany will take part in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 16th of May. Read more about them at their Artist Profile.
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