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Germany announces lineup of its pre-selection for Malmö

19 January 2024 at 06:00 CET
Lord of the Lost from Germany performed Blood & Glitter at the First Semi-Final at Liverpool Arena Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU
Get to know the artists and songs participating in 'Eurovision Song Contest – das Deutsche Finale 2024', as Germany gets ready to choose its entry for Malmö.
All the action from the Green Room during the Eurovision 2023 Grand Final in Liverpool Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

Nine acts will compete for the opportunity to represent Germany at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest. 

At Eurovision Song Contest – das Deutsche Finale 2024 German TV viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite song; their pick to fly the German flag in Malmö. The televote will contribute 50% of each song's scores, with the other half coming from a selection of international juries.

Germany's Eurovision pre-selection, hosted by Barbara Schöneberger, will be broadcast live from Berlin on the German television programmes Das Erste and ONE, on and the ARD Mediathek. 

It's happening on Friday 16 February, with a kick-off time of 22:05 CET.

Malik Harris from Germany on the Turquoise Carpet 2022 EBU/Sarah Louise Bennett

On Friday 19 January, the majority of the lineup was confirmed, with 8 of the 9 artists revealed: GALANT, Isaak, Leona, Bodine Monet, Max Mutzke, Marie Reim, NinetyNine and Ryk. 

The 9th act will be determined by viewers watching the final episode of the 6-part television series Ich will zum ESC! ('I want to go to the ESC!'), on Thursday 8 February.

Rea Garvey and Conchita Wurst will front 'Ich will zum ESC!' in Germany NDR/ André Kowalski

Before we know artist number 9 in early February, let's get acquainted with the 8 already confirmed to be in contention.

All 8 songs have been released onto music streaming platforms. For links to listen, just click on the song titles below: 

GALANT - Katze

This duo hails from southern Germany and is made up of 26-year-old Mona from Munich and 29-year-old Paul from Mannheim. An electropop act amused by the banality of things, GALANT, with their mix of rap and melodies, mock the commercialism of the arts and attempt to disrupt conventions themselves. With their song Katze ('Cat'), GALANT touch upon how people distance themselves from their original essence after traumatic experiences, becoming increasingly unapproachable and distant; all for self-protection and usually without realising it. The cat represents a person who has completely lost themselves over the years.

"We believe in the universal language of music and its ability to overcome boundaries. Our song and performance aim not only to entertain but also to convey a message of freedom, self-acceptance and cultural exchange."

Galant Magdalena Dauber

Isaak - Always On The Run

After initially embarking on a music career in a band, Isaak Guderian, who comes from a small town called Espelkamp, soon evolved into a promising singer-songwriter on his own. With prior experience in The X Factor Germany, Isaak later won the talent show Show Your Talent in 2021. His singing repertoire ranges from melancholic ballads to powerful arrangements challenging the entire vocal range. Isaak's song for Germany, Always On The Run, is a perfect example of how the emotional depths and exhilarating highs of a song can take listeners on a unique musical journey. 

"Music is the only refuge where I can be who I am. Here, everything is allowed. No labels, no system, no order. Pure emotions, a playground not only for children. And everyone can understand it - whether it's in their language or not."

Isaak Valentin Ammon

Leona - Undream You

The 20-year-old resident of Hamburg decided shortly after graduating that there is only music and no Plan B! The artist soon discovered the many opportunities offered by the vast world of social media and quickly built a substantial fan base with her music across various platforms. Leona will showcase the great potential of her voice at the German national final with her emotional ballad Undream You, on which she narrates a tale of lost love.

"I have dreamed of standing on the Eurovision Song Contest stage since I was a little child. I want to touch more hearts with my music and bring the victory back to Germany!"

Leona Steven Söther

Bodine Monet - Tears Like Rain

Bodine Monet is an artist from Zandvoort, Netherlands, who has found her life's purpose in music. At the age of 14, she reached the finals of Germany's The Voice Kids and she has subsequently participated in many other TV talent shows. Today, the 23-year-old focuses exclusively on her work as a singer-songwriter, collaborating with renowned musicians worldwide. With her song Tears Like Rain she wants to convey an important message: it is crucial to find the strength and ability to detach oneself from toxic influences. People should dare to seize new happiness, grow beyond a negative past together, and inspire one other.

"As a singer of power ballads, I wished for nothing more than to stand on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest myself. I am determined to fulfill my dream this year, tell my story, and make the little girl in me proud."

Bodine Monet Sophie van Hasselt

Max Mutzke - Forever Strong

20 years ago in 2004, Max Mutzke won the German pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and secured 8th place for his country at the Grand Final in Istanbul. With that song, Can't Wait Until Tonight, he entered the top spot on the German charts and established himself in the German music scene as a popular singer and songwriter. Coming from an artistically inclined family, Max Mutzke discovered his love for music early on and developed a broad repertoire ranging from pop and rock to soul, funk and jazz. On the occasion of his 20th Eurovision anniversary, the 42-year-old from Black Forest wants to represent Germany again in Malmö. His song Forever Strong is written as a plea for hope. Max Mutzke's message: one should always try to remain strong at heart and be a lighthouse for people, radiating good to others.

"Experiencing last year's Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool as a guest on the ARD Countdown Show was a revelation for me. I was fascinated by the atmosphere, how much people love this event. With this perspective on the competition and my development in recent years, I find it beautiful to be back. I want to take advantage of this momentum, coming back after exactly 20 years."

Max Mutzke Gaby Gerster

Marie Reim - Naiv

Marie Reim, the daughter of schlager superstar Michelle and singing legend Matthias Reim, has embarked on a rising career as a schlager artist and now wants to conquer the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Inspired by her mother's successful participation at the 2001 Contest in Copenhagen, where she reached 8th place, the 23-year-old dreams of bringing Germany back to the forefront of the competition with a schlager song. Her autobiographical song Naiv describes the emotional rollercoaster of trying to rearrange your life after a broken love, only to discard all resolutions when entering a new love.

"I think schlager music fits the Eurovision Song Contest like a glove. I am ready to show people that schlager can be charming, fresh and a bit sexy in this competition. I believe my mother will be incredibly proud to see that I am doing my best to carry on her Eurovision legacy."

Marie Reim Anelia Janeva

NinetyNine - Love On A Budget

NinetyNine is a singer-songwriter right from the heart of Hamburg. The unconventional stage name of this newcomer, born Daniel Leon Schmidt, can be explained by his birth year 1999 and his height of 1.99 metres. The musician is a multi-instrumentalist and works as a successful songwriter. At the age of 19, he signed a contract with a major music publisher, lending his songwriting talent to many established artists. NinetyNine describes his music as timeless pop with influences and inspiration from the indie scene and vintage rock. Since early 2023, NinetyNine has released 6 singles, gaining success on all of the major streaming platforms. With his pre-selection entry Love On A Budget, NinetyNine questions the society of excess: why does it always have to be luxury and glitter? One should have butterflies in the stomach rather than dollar signs in the eyes. 

"I grew up in a musician family, stand on stage, and write songs since I can remember. It would be a great dream to sing to millions of people straight to the heart with a song about great love on the world's biggest stage."

NinetyNine Laura Köhler

Ryk - Oh Boy

At the age of 5, Rick Jurthe (alias Ryk, from Bad Nenndorf in Lower Saxony) sits at a piano from his grandfather for the first time. A year later, his mother sends him to lessons with a strict piano teacher. But it doesn't stop at pure instrumental music: at the age of 13, Ryk writes his first song. He has since forged a successful career as a songwriter, composer and music producer for various projects, including many live entertainment events such as theatre and circus productions. In 2018, he performed at the German Eurovision pre-selection Unser Lied für Lissabon, finishing in third place. This year, the 34-year-old is making another attempt and wants to captivate the hearts of Eurovision fans with his contribution Oh Boy.

"My fascination for the competition is unbroken. My passion for grand, epic moments is actually made for the Eurovision Song Contest. I strive to write that one song and create that one staging that captivates millions of people."

Ryk Welthund Music

If you should fancy seeing the event live and in person, tickets for Eurovision Song Contest – das Deutsche Finale 2024 are already been made available for sale right here.

Germany's act for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will follow on from the group Lord of the Lost, who won the German pre-selection in 2023 and represented their country in Liverpool with the song Blood & Glitter