Germany and Ukraine join forces

A unique event in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest took place yesterday: The German and Ukrainian delegation invited the journalists, delegations and fans to a joint party, which took place in the EuroClub in Oslo. A huge crowd gathered there to witness this moment, and everyone was eager to see Alyosha and Lena perform on the club stage.

First to greet the public was Alyosha, who started the evening with a live performance of the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest winning entry of 1995, Nocturne. Of course, she also sang her own entry, Sweet People, as well as another rock song from her album.

The German representative, Lena, took the stage right after her, and she also performed three songs, including Satellite, her entry for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, and Love Me, another song she sang in the German national final this year.

Safura, representing Azerbaijan, also showed up at the party to wish both of her competitors the best of luck and hand them presents. Lena, who has often been portrayed as her toughest rival for victory, received a horseshoe from her, a traditional talisman.

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