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German selection kicks off on February 19

08 September 2014 at 11:39 CEST

Who wouldn’t like to represent its country and perform on the Eurovision Song Conrest stage in Vienna next year? Well, for those how are dreaming about it, there will be an opportunity to apply - like it was this year.

The well known German pop artist Andreas Bourani invites young artists across the country to upload their performances on the website So, it doesn’t matter if you are in a band or a solo artist, writing your own songs or performing covers, you could be a part of the German national selection for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

In other words, the same format is used like this year. Namely, once again a wildcard round is held in Hamburg on the 19th of February. In this round, ten young and unknown artists can take the wildcard ticket to the final of the German selection.

The German broadcaster NDR confirmed that there will be a live broadcast of the Clubkonzert, as it was this year. However, not only for the German audience, but for all Eurovision fans across Europe and beyond as well. During this show, TV viewers will be able to support their favourites. The artist who gets the greatest number of votes, will get the wildcard for the final of Unser Song für Österreich 2015, scheduled for the 5th of March, live from Hanover.

The wildcard can change it all

„The wildcard is a unique opportunity for all the candidates. Not only being part of German national selection, but also internationally, in front of millions of people. Elaiza proved this year that the wildcard can also mean winning the show and taking part at Eurovision Song Contest”, Bourani who wrote an national football anthem Auf Uns, achieving the platinum status during the 2014 FIFA World cup, explained in the statement for NDR.

In the case that a winner among young talents, chosen by the viewers, doesn’t have its own song, NDR (together with some record companies, authors and producers) will be looking for suitable entries. Furthermore, the participants of the Clubkonzert and Unser Song für Österreich, are going to be chosen by representatives of the German broadcaster, private production company Brainpool, record labels like Sony, Universal and Warner, but of some independent labels and ARD radio stations too. The names of contestants will be announced in January 2015.

In the final, the winner of the wildcard round will compete with seven established acts for the right to represent Germany in Vienna, at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest

A host of both TV shows – Clubkonzert and Unser Song für Österreich, will be an actress and TV personality Barbara Schöneberger. “The Eurovision Song Contest is like one of those events we have every year – so like Christmas and carnival here. I am very excited about who is going to win the contest in Vienna next year!”, she said.

Last year, the winner of the wildcard round, Elaiza, went on to win the whole competition and got the German ticket to Copenhagen with their song Is It Right?.