Eldrine finished in the top 10 for Georgia in 2011
Eldrine finished in the top 10 for Georgia in 2011 Photo: EBU

Georgia: Wind machines in front of a brick wall

Lead vocalist Sophio Toroshelidze arrived with her band Eldine backstage in mid-afternoon. She explained why they decided to use fireworks in their stage show. "We use fireworks with big effects. This is to give our performance more power, it will breathe energy to the audience."

She had a clear strategy for the second rehearsal. "I have to smile more and be very happy on stage. After the first rehearsal, we changed a few details to be more secure." After the rehearsal, the band will make sure to enjoy themselves.

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For today, Sopho Khalvashi joined Eldrine backstage. Back in 2007, she was her country's first participant in the Contest. "I'm here to participate in the Georgian party tonight. I will be there supporting this year's contestants together with Sofia Nizharadze, who was our representative in 2010," she said. "I would say that my career is quite successful. I'm permanently discovering new things in music. Recently I started learning saxophone, and I plan to learn more instruments. I just had a new song from a Georgian composer and did a video." When she was asked if she considered returning to the Eurovision Song Contest stage, she replied: "I don't think so, once is enough."

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In the rehearsal, Eldrine showed yet another powerful stage performance, and Sophio Toroshelidze showed proved her excellent vocal abilities. The dark mood of the rock song that includes rap parts as well was underlined by the LED graphics in the stage background. They were dominated by a falling brick wall and golden ornaments.

While the song develops, the stage scenery gets more hectic as well, with flickering lights on the background LEDs and quickly turning spotlights. Wind machines are being used, too, and in the very end of the songs, pyrotechnical effects are applied, too.

The Georgian press conference started with a very special and beautiful traditional dance, performed by three small kids to the live sound of a drum. After that, the band members sang Happy Birthday to DJ BE$$, one of the musicians of Eldrine. 

Sophio Toroshelidze then stated that the whole delegation was very happy about the second rehearsal and that no major changes needed to be made. When the delegation was asked about the LED projection in the stage background, they explained that the images were created by the production team of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, but the team got exactly what they had expected.

The lead singer was asked about the fact that she had already backed the Georgian representative in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Sofia Nizharadze, with a completely different song -  a ballad. She commented that in fact her own style was more soul and ballads, but she learned to sing rock when she started to work with Eldrine. "The guys helped me a lot, and it gives me a great experience," she added.

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