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Georgia: Songs announced for national final

Posted 9 Febuary 2010 at 23:14

In the middle of January, Sofia Nizharadze was announced as the Georgian representative in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. After that, a competition was opened, calling for songs both from national and foreign composers. A total of 100 entries have been received, and a jury picked the six best out of these for the national final:
  1. Never Give In, written by Tinatin Japaridze, Ben Robbins & Billy Livsey
  2. Call Me, written by Brandon Stone
  3. Our Word, written by Mikheil Mdinaradze
  4. a song by Svicka Pick (title yet to be announced)
  5. For Eternity, written by Carlos Coelho & Andrej Babić
  6. Shine, written by Hanne Sorvaag, Harry Sommerdahl & Christian Leuzzi
On the 27th of February, Sofia Nizharadze will present all of these songs in a national final, to be broadcast live on GPB's First Channel. The winning entry will be chosen by a combination of televoting and an expert jury.
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