Georgia: Peaceful performance for Diana

Diana Gurtskaya, the Georgian representative in the Second Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, just finished her first rehearsal. She performed in front of a stage scenery that looked like a flowering meadow. Diana was dressed in white, and she wore big earrings and displayed an AIDS bow on her left upper arm. On stage, she was supported by five backing dancers, who all finished the stage act standing behind Diana. Smoke effects were used on stage, and large pieces of white cloth were pulled from the front of the stage over Diana's head. Diana was singing and performing brilliantly in every aspect, giving the song the very peaceful atmosphere its lyrics talk about. 

The Georgian entry for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest was selected in a national final out of twelve participants. The decision was taken solely by SMS voting, and the public overwhelmingly voted in favour of Diana. The show had featured several well-known artists, almost all of which had prepared funny and elaborate stage performances. Diana Gurtskaya, who was born in Abkhazia and lives in Russia at the moment, has taken part in many international festivals already, and she even took part in the Belarusian national selection last year, reaching the final top three. The fact that Diana is blind does not prevent her from performing not only vocally impressive, but also in a visually amazing way. 

Diana Gurtskaya started her press conference by singing her song for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, Peace Will Come, a cappella, and she did the same with the Hebrew song Jerusalem Of Gold, which she had previously recorded as well. When Diana was asked if she believed in the message of her song, she responded that, in fact, she was convinced that peace will come sooner or later. Talking about that, she also referred to her home region in Georgia, which is still in state of war today.




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