Georgia: Dark rock in colourful costumes

When the rock band Eldrine entered the stage and started to perform their aggressive rock song with rap parts, a dark mood filled the arena today. The lead singer, Sophio Toroshelidze, proved the fact that she has a powerful and expressive voice, and she confidently presented the song One More Day during the rehearsal. Out of the five remaining band members, three were playing guitar, joined by a drummer, and one female artist was playing keyboard.

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The members of the band representing Georgia, Eldrine, all wore black coats with colourful decorations reminding of traditional Georgian clothes. The Head of the Georgian Delegation, Maia Baratashvili exclusively confirmed to that the same dresses will be used for the Semi-Final performance. The background LEDs showed a brick wall, and wind machines were used, too.

Backstage, Sophio Toroshelidze, the lead singer, was very enthusiastic already before the rehearsals: "I'm great, so full of energy," she said. "I hope to learn a lot of things on this rehearsal, too many things! First of all, I want to see how huge the space is and get experience. I'm so excited!"

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In the press conference, the lead singer was asked if her experiences as a backing vocalist of Sofia Nizharadze in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest helped her to prepare for her performance this year. She confirmed that it was a benefit for her, but she was still excited, and her first impression of the stage was that it's huge and beautiful. Maia Baratashvili, the Head of the Georgian Delegation, explained that the stage dresses were based on folk costumes from both Western and Eastern Georgia, showing that Georgia is a diverse country.

The male vocalist of Eldrine explained that the song One More Day was not specifically written for the Eurovision Song Contest, but after playing it to several people, they noticed that it had an instant appeal and they decided to enter it for the Georgian national selection. The band members, together with Maia Baratashvili, went on to perform an accappella version of a Georgian folk song together.

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Born in Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia in 1990, Sophio Toroshelidze - the lead vocalist of Eldrine - studied at the Music College for Remarkable Students established under the umbrella of the State Conservatory of Tbilisi, where she continued her education after finishing the college at the Department of Polyphonic Singing and Conducting. In 2006 Sophio Toroshelidze composed the song Surprised Again, that won the title of the Best Song of the Year.

Four of the other members of Eldrine - Mikheil Chelidze (MIKEN) - Guitar, Irakli Bibilashvili (BIBO) - Bass Guitar, David Changoshvili (Chango) - Drummer and Beso Tsikhelashvili (Dj BE$$) formed a band named BIOS in 2007 but after 3 years, they decided to form their current band.  Tamar Shekiladze - Keyboard joined them in 2010.

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