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Georgia: Beautiful, strong and confident

Posted 15 May 2015 at 18:00

Did you see Nina Sublatti’s beautiful eyes? Those pale blue eyes, full of coolness and courage turn her into the real warrior. The Georgian singer wrote her feminist song especially for the Eurovision Song Contest. She presents it in a dark but energetic way.

"I love the stage and the performance. It is energetic, very dramatic and powerful. I am satisfied with it, and happy," Nina said about her first rehearsal. She is very proud to come to Vienna with the song she wrote by herself: "Warrior is a feminist song. With woman as a warrior I mean a feminist woman."
The biggest Eurovision challenge for Nina was to write the song that she thought would fit the Eurovision stage and still express her creativity, her talent and her style as it is very important for Nina to stay herself. "I had different songs to choose, and Warrior was the last one. I wrote it like in five hours. Yes, it was  a challenge to choose the right song."

"World's gonna listen to me"

"I am warrior", Nina repeats in her song several time, making the world listen to her feminist message. Inspired by dark colours and claps of the imaginable electric thunder coming from the LEDs, the singer looks very confident and sure. In her song, the protagonist is everything but romantic: strong, beautiful and cool.

"Sometimes I am aggressive, sometimes pretty, but never nervous"

Nina was asked about her beautiful eyes. She said that it’s her eyes, not the lens. The singer inherited her blue eyes from her father.
The artist was asked which profession she prefers most: singer, composer or model. Nina said that model is not really a profession for her. She is musician that means she is both singer and composer.
On stage, the Georgian representative looks aggressive. "It depends on the song I sing. Sometimes I am aggressive, sometimes pretty, but never nervous."
One journalist asked Nina about the choice of the entry background. "On the backdrop the tears can be seen, but these tears are the iron ones, Nina explained.  

Olena Omelyanchuk
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Olena Omelyanchuk