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Georgia: 13 entries received for national final

26 January 2012 at 18:22 CET

Thirteen acts expressed their interest to take part in the Georgian national selection this year, as GPB announced today. The list comprises the following artists:

  • Anri Jokhadze
  • Boris Bedia
  • Davi
  • Edward Tatiani
  • Levan Jibladze
  • Lina Asatashvili
  • Salome Simonishvili
  • Shmagi Tagiashvili
  • The Georgians
  • Vanilla Cage
  • Mirror Illusion
  • REMA
  • Industrial City

Now a professional jury will listen to all the songs and select those that will have the privilege of participating in the national final, which will be broadcast live in February. The date is yet to be announced.

In the national final, the singer and song that will represent Georgia in Baku, the capital of neighbouring Azerbaijan. The winner will be chosen by the joint decision of televoting and an expert jury.

Out of the 13 names announced today, three have already participated in previous Georgian finals: Anri Jokhadze and Boris Bedia both took part in 2009, with the latter reaching the 3rd place behind the winners, Stephane & 3G. The band "The Georgians" participated in last year's Georgian national selection.

Stay with us to find out when the date for the national final has been set and which singers have qualified as soon as it's announced!