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Gdansk to host Eurovision Young Dancers

01 October 2012 at 16:13 CEST

The show will come live from the Baltic coast city at 20:00 CET on Friday, the 14th of June, and more details on the participating countries will be released in the coming weeks.

Robert Kamyk of TVP joins the Steering Group as the Executive Producer of next year's competition. The Event will take place in the Baltic Opera House.

"With the success of the new format's test-run in Oslo in 2011, a number of new countries expressed an interest in joining this fantastic event, so we had to extend the number of participating broadcasters to 14. I'm very excited about this event, which is gathering momentum very rapidly," said Vladislav Yakovlev, the Executive Supervisor of the 2013 Eurovision Young Dancers contest.

Situated on the Baltic coast, the city of Gdańsk is Poland's main seaport and the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area. It is part of a conurbation with city of Gdynia and spa town of Sopot, known collectively as the Trójmiasto.

You can find more information about the event on the website of the Eurovision Young Dancers, updated today!