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Gary Barlow & Duncan James for United Kingdom??

24 November 2009 at 23:31 CET

The story broke during the day and was reported in various media within the United Kingdom and Ireland. The BBC, the United Kingdom broadcaster however have moved quickly to state that this is just speculation and there has been nothing definitely decided as of yet.

More about Gary Barlow and Duncan James

Gary Barlow is most well known as being a member of the hugely successful band Take That. Gary wrote and produced many of Take That's hits and has also worked with many famous artists such as Delta Goodrem, Christina Aguilera, Elton John and Lara Fabian amongst others. Gary also has worked with Duncan James before as he wrote the track Guilty for Blue as well as some album tracks for them. Gary also tried his hand as a solo artist when Take That first split up, however the band has now reformed and are enjoying more success than ever.

Duncan James gained fame as a singer with the boy band Blue. The group were popular in the early 2000's and had many hits before disbanding in 2004. Duncan embarked upon a solo career and scored a big hit with the song I Believe My Heart, a duet with Keedie.

Duncan took part in the United Kingdom national selection process in 2009 as a panelist alongside Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, giving advice to the contestants in Eurovision: Your Country Needs You. He also announced the United Kingdom's votes in Moscow during the voting procedure in Europe's Favourite TV Show.

High Profile Composer preferred?

The United Kingdom finished in Fifth place, their best result since 2002 with the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren composition It's My Time, performed by Jade Ewen in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. If the rumours regarding Gary Barlow and Duncan James prove to be correct, it could suggest that the BBC are ready to appoint a high profile name once again to spearhead their campaign to go all the way and attempt to win Europe's Favourite TV show for the first time since 1997.