FYR Macedonia: Twin brothers coming to win

After two semi-finals in the same week, it was time for the final of the Skopje Festival 2009 on the 22nd of February. Then, the sixteen songs that had qualified for the final were presented. Now it was the time for the jury and televoters to make their decision.

The jury gave full marks to Naum Petreski & Kaliopi and their song Rum Dum Dum, while the public preferred the band Next Time, who won just one point ahead of the second place in the end.

Next Time is a rock duo from Skopje. This duo consists of the twin brothers, Martin and Stefan Filipovski. Stefan fronts the band as the lead singer, while Martin plays the guitar and sings back-up vocals. The duo has only been known by the name Next Time since the beginning of 2008. Previously they performed as a garage band and at some music festivals for children. You can see their winning song below.


FYR Macedonia will perform thirteenth in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 12th of May. You can read more about them here.

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