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FYR Macedonia: Saving costumes for the audience

Posted 7 May 2009 at 18:32

Martin and Stefan Filipovski of the rock duo Next Time saves the stage clothing for the last rehearsals. When they rehearsed as the last entry on Thursday, they still didn't use the final costumes, the Macedonian delegation reports. After the first rehearsal, the performers and their team issued complaints about the background imagery on the many LED screens of the stage. The visual presentation used on the first rehearsal had a darker hue of grey, which the delegation required to be lightened. They were also dissatisfied with the pattern in the background, reminding of shattered glass. For the second rehearsal, the grey background had been complemented with more colour, but the glass pattern remained. Nevertheless, Next Time displayed a confident performance this evening, supported by fountains of fire and silver from the pyrotechnicians.
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