FYR Macedonia party a major success

The party kicked off with Head of Delegation Milanka Rasic welcoming the guests, and introducing the performers Tamara,Vrčak and Adrijan. The party was well attended and Euro Cafe was fuller than any other evening. Amongst the food on offer was a large cake iced with the flag of FYR Macedonia. The local FYR Macedonian wine and beer served were extermenly well received and most people commented on the high quality of them.

Tamara,Vrčak and Adrijan performed a number of their songs, including Let Me Love You. Music played throughout the evening was from the Eurovision Song Contest. 

The highlight of the evening was a very moving and emotional tribute to Tose Proeski, the 2004 FYR Macedonian entrant who was tragically killed in a car accident in October 2007. A film highlighting the success of Tose, and his international career was screened and at the conclusion was met with warm applause as the guests took their chance to pay their own respects to the great young artist. 

The hospitality of the FYR Macedonian delegation was incredibly generous, and the gauntlet has really been thrown down to other delgations who are hosting parties in Belgrade. Thanks from all press and delegates go to the FYR Macedonia delegation for a splendid evening.

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