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FYR Macedonia,Kaliopi presents Crno E Belo

29 February 2012 at 23:39 CET

The show was streamed live here on, and featured Kaliopi performing some of her greatest known hits, and covers of such classics as Ave Maria and Hallelujah, demonstrating her impressive and diverse vocal range across all styles of music.

Kaliopi was also shown at an event where traditional music from people dressed in national costume was performed, with Kaliopi fully entering in to the spirit of things, dressed in costume herself and playing a tambourine. 

Towards the end of the show, Kaliopi performed on stage several songs with the composer of her Eurovision entry, Romeo Grill. A promotional tourism video of Azerbaijan was then shown, to give the audience a flavour of the destination that Kaliopi is heading to in May.

And now for the entry..

The entry Crno E Belo begins very gently with Kaliopi sat at a candle lit piano with a violinist accompanying her. After the first verse, the pace of the song picks up and Kaliopi leaves the piano. The stage is divided between black and white colours reflecting the literal translation of the title.

The performance and song were met with loud applause from the assembled guests and audience, who seemed delighted with Kaliopi's choice for Baku. Kaliopi then returned and treated viewers to a performance of the English language version of the song Black & White.

FYR Macedonia will participate in the first half of the Second Semi-Final of Europe's Favourite TV Show on Thursday 24th May.