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FYR Macedonia: Heavy metal for the twins

04 May 2009 at 12:14 CEST

Martin and Stefan Filipovski, forming the rock band Next Time, started their first rehearsal standing together in the front of the stage, headbanging and shaking their long hair. Together with two guitar players and two drummers, they performed their modern rock song Nešto Što Ke Ostane in leisure clothes, looking very confident, happy and full of energy. The LEDs in the background showed metallic elements, with single white lights flashing to the beat of the song, which was sung entirely in Macedonian language.


Next Time is a rock duo from Skopje which consists of the twin brothers, Martin and Stefan Filipovski. Stefan fronts the band as the lead singer, while Martin plays the guitar and sings back-up vocals. The duo has only been known by the name Next Time since the beginning of 2008. Previously they performed as a garage band and at some music festivals for children. With the release of their first album also named Next Time only eight months after their appearance as a group, they gained popularity and are now an important part of the Macedonian music scene. The album featured 13 songs, two of which are bonus tracks performed in foreign languages.

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In the press conference, the Head of the FYR Macedonian delegation, Gordana Andraševska, confirmed that everyone in the delegation was very satisfied with the rehearsal, apart from some minor problems. The band leader, Stefan Filipovski, explained that the time in Moscow was a great experience for the young band Next Time, which has only existed for eleven months. A journalist reminded the viewers that the twin brothers had a connection to Caruso, which led them to perform a part of one of his songs together acappella.

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