FYR Macedonia: Gjoko has the strength

The presentation of the entry from FYR Macedonia varies significantly from the one which won the national selection in Skopje. Gjoko is wearing a black suit and walks across the stage under a spotlight to the centre as the introduction develops. There are three female backing dancers who are initially wearing white robes and sat on a raised platform behind Gjoko. The dancers white robes are then removed unveiling some rather raunchy and revealing black outfits.

The dancers choreography is quite busy and active and they move around and gesticulate with Gjoko for the whole three minutes. The other two members of the band, the rapper and guitarist are stood at the side of the stage, joining Gjoko on stage later in the performance. The rapper, Billy The Beast wears a shiny silver suit, dark sunglasses and white trainers and the guitarist wears a white shirt with scarf and black trousers.

The backdrop on stage is dark throughout and green, red and white spotlights flash intermittently. The light was changed to a violet colour at the request of the delegation. FYR Macedonia are bidding to reach the Final of Europe's Favourite TV show for the fist time since 2007.


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The press back home are fully behind us

The delegation were very pleased and satisfied with the second rehearsal, the problems from the first rehearsal had been ironed out. "The lighting and sound are now great" said Gjoko.

Since the first rehearsal, Gjoko said that the team have been having fun in Oslo. "Our party was last night, we had a lot of food and drinks there and 12 delegations performed also. The party lasted for over three hours"

Gjoko said that his favourite song in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest was Secret Garden's Nocturne, Norway's 1995 winner. He proceeded to sing the tune. He then sang a traditional song from his homeland with his backing group. Both were warmly received by the audience.

Billy the rapper was asked if he had his own career back home in FYR Macedonia, he answered "I will release my first album after this contest, I have been in music for several years, I was not so popular until this experience so this will be good for my career."

A German journalist asked Gjoko about his victory in the FYR Macedonia national selection, and the fact there were rumours of the local press not being supportive of the entry. Gjoko answered  "We definitely have the support of the press back home. Everything is OK." The Head of Delegation also added " Yes It was a tight victory, Gjoko won by the votes of the jury after a tie. At first it was some kind of surprise, but the press have now fully supported him since then."

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