FYR Macedonia: Commotion in selection

The national final, which is to take place on the 23rd of February, will now feature 15 instead of 21 songs. In a statement to the Eurovision Song Contest fanclub OGAE Macedonia, a broadcaster official stated that  "after the reactions from the authors whose songs have been chosen by the expert jury and after the reaction of the Program Council of MKRTV, which is the highest supervising body of the company, it was decided, in accordance with the declared open competition, that the programme will include only the 15 songs chosen by the expert jury."

The decision leaves Maja Vukićević, Agon & Džoksi, Sanja Lefkova, Igor Šarevski, Filip Jordanovski and Bojan & Big Mama, who were all invited to take part in the national final, with a bitter taste and potentially lost preparation efforts for the event. 

  1. Aneta Kačurkova - Poraka
  2. Tuna - Prašuvam Bez Glas
  3. Igor Mitrović - Se Sakame
  4. None - Vrati Se 
  5. Saša Vučković - Sé Što Znam 
  6. Lambe Alabakovski - Zemjo Moja 
  7. Risto Samardžiev - Mediteran Ska
  8. Nokaut - Samovila 
  9. Synthesis - Docna E
  10. Sonja Tarčulovska - Balada
  11. Jova Radevska - Jas Sum Ovde
  12. Vlatko Ilievski - So Drugi Zborovi 
  13. Parketi - Strawberry
  14. Tamara ft. Vrčak & Adrian Gaxha - Izgubena Vo Noćta  
  15. Elvir Mekić - Armija 

One of these 15 hopefuls will represent FYR Macedonia at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. It's the 8th time the country takes part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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