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F.Y.R. Macedonia's Eye Cue kick off second day of rehearsals

30 April 2018 at 12:17 CEST
FYR Macedonia rehearsal Andres Putting
The Macedonian pair Eye Cue were the first act to rehearse on the Eurovision 2018 stage in Lisbon today. They're rehearsing their performance of 'Lost And Found' in advance of hitting the stage in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 8th of May.

It was an early morning call for the Macedonian duo Eye Cue as they were the first to hit the stage of the Altice Arena today. Marija was wearing a rev fuschia mini dress with silver appliques around the neck, matching silver shorts and high heels, while Bojan chose black and white trousers, shirt and shoes.

Staging a video-clip

Eye Cue are joined on stage by a drummer and three female backing vocalists wearing black costumes with red details during their lively performance of Lost And Found. talked to Eye Cue backstage and Bojan explained their staging in detail:

"Have you seen our video when Marija is the main role and walks around interacting with the other members of the band? It's the same on the stage, she goes to the guitar player, she goes to the drummer, while dancing with the backing singers, it's like everyone is singing and dancing when Marija touches them", to what Marija added: "I just go to them and press the button, like they're puppets!", she joked.

As the band themselves posted on their instagram account, there were no problems with their baggage upon arrival at Lisbon's airport: "We found our song on the Lisbon Airport."

About Eye Cue

Eye Cue is one of the most popular Macedonian pop and rock bands, performing their own music since 2008. In Febuary, the Macedonian broadcaster announced that, following an internal selection, Eye Cue would represents the country at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Lost And Found. The band consists of guitar player and vocalist Bojan Trajkovski, and lead vocalist Marija Ivanovska. The song was written by Bojan Trajkovski and Darko Dimitrov.

What do you think of Eye Cue's first rehearsal? Will Macedonia make it to the Grand Final? Leave your review in the comments!