Lithuania rehearsal 2017
Lithuania rehearsal 2017 Photo: Thomas Hanses

Fusedmarc (Lithuania): "Nobody will stop us"

Fusedmarc are representing Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. The group will perform 'Rain Of Revolution' in the Second Semi-Final on Thursday 11th May.

The Lithuanian group were feeling lively before their first rehearsal: "We’re ready to go up on the stage and we just really want to see it," Denis said. 

Animal lover

Viktoria arrived at Kyiv's International Exhibition Centre carrying a long red dress, the same costume she wore in the national selection but she hasn't decided on a final choice of costume yet. "I brought three long red dresses with me to Kyiv, but I’m not sure which one I will wear yet." She insisted that the dresses were made from vegan fabric: "I love animals so I don’t want them to be killed for something I will wear."

Winners in Kyiv

Fusedmarc were relieved after their first time on the Eurovision stage. "I’m very happy, everything came together. I feel like a winner already," said Victoria. The Lithuanian team still has some changes to make for the second rehearsal, "We don’t need to change the performance very much, there will be just some minor adjustments," explained Denis.

Denis says that their song Rain Of Revolution has several messages: "We want to tell people that they should dance to the rhythm of their soul and that they should be themselves. It’s really the best way to celebrate diversity." Viktoria added that the message of the song is one of openness: “Let the light shine through you."

Fusedmarc will be back on the stage on 6th May for their second rehearsal. Lithuania will participate in the Second Semi-Final on Thursday 11th May.

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