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Fun times on stage for Malta

15 May 2012 at 13:29 CEST

Behind the scenes with Malta

Backstage, Kurt talked about his first impressions of Baku and in particular the Crystal Hall. "It really looks very dynamic, something that as an artist you can easily play with if you are adventurous on stage. I think the fact that the arena was purpose built is a big advantage from both a sound and choreography point of view."

The newest member of the team is backing vocalist Amber, who herself finished in third place when Kurt Calleja won the Maltese national selection. She spoke of how she came to be working with Kurt and said "I was approached by the broadcaster in Malta, PBS as they were looking for an extra backing singer for the song. It all happened really fast, and it was a big challenge for me, but as soon as I met the team, everything was fine and I fitted in very well."

Charismatic performance

It is clear that Kurt and the team have rehearsed well in the build up to Baku as the chemistry on stage between all of them, their slick routine and their confidence in each other was evident for all to see. In addition to that, Kurt is a very charismatic performer and knows how to play the cameras well.

Kurt is joined by two male electric guitar players, a female drummer, a DJ/dancer who is stood behind some decks, and Amber providing extra backing vocals. Kurt interacts one on one with each of his band throughout the performance. 

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The LED backdrop is very effective on screen, it features a crowd of shadows raising their hands in the air and clapping as though they are at a concert or disco against a birght background with flashing light.

The Maltese delegation were all smiles after their first rehearsal, and seemed very pleased with all aspects of the staging and performance. 

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Malta's press conference

At his press conference Kurt was asked about his background and how he went from singing in pubs to build his career to where it is today.

He said "The beauty of any career is the build up, the process is the learning curve and enjoying yourself the most. As time went by I went to live in London, worked with Ryanair and sang in pubs and clubs, that was when I realised what I wanted to do with my life. I was a backing vocalist on Maltese TV, then entered the Eurovision national selection before and I finished 12th and then third before winning this year."

Duet with Ell from Azerbaijan

A journalist asked Kurt if he was disappointed that he didn't win the Maltese national selection last year. Kurt said "Third place last year was not a bad result as a soloist, we were very happy with it actually." The Head of the Maltese delegation, Anton Attard added "I can confirm this, as I have never ever seen someone happier with a third place, Kurt was so positive about that."

Anton also went on to explain that the national selection for Malta is watched by a staggering 85% of the population, and that is why broadcaster PBS are investing so much money in making the shows bigger each year.

On his plans after Baku, Kurt told us "As soon as Eurovision is over i'm flying to Sweden, we have a couple of songs we are working on. We will make also a duet with Ell, the Azerbaijan winner last year. I'm really looking forward to it."

Learn Kurt's dance moves

Kurt was then asked to show the press how to make the dance moves he uses in his performance, which he duly did. You can see a demonstraion for yourselves in the video interview Kurt made with below if you want to try out the moves yourself!

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This content is unfortunately no longer available

Kurt also told the press of the friendship he had struck up at the Eurovision In Concert gig in Amsterdam with the Turkish singer Can Bonomo. He added "Can actually came over to Malta for my birthday party last week, and we had a fan party for me where Can attended too. We became very good friends."