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Sasha Son (born Dmitrij Šavrov) begins his performance sat down at the piano, and has three backing vocalists on stage with him. Midway through the performance Sasha leaves the piano and remains standing for the rest of the song. Today Sasha wears a checked hat, white shirt with blue stripes and jeans. The stage itself is lit and randomly displays blocks of colour and  piano keys during the song. The performance ends with Sasha holding a lit flame in the palm of his hand to the camera.The performance was vocally strong for the duration of the rehearsals.


The press conference opened with Sasha being asked why he is called Sasha Son and not Dmitrij or Dima. He replied "I think in the music business, especially in the Russian language speaking countries scene has enough Dima's, I have my own identity and style." 

Sasha was asked about his promotional tour prior to arriving in Moscow. He told us "I had three solo concerts in Ireland. It's not a mystery to anybody that there are a lot of Lithuanian's in Ireland. Unfortunately our embassy didn't really help us with any promotion. I did manage to go to Ukraine, Latvia, Amsterdam, London and Malta though. I feel lucky I had an opportunity to travel around and see a lot of countries."

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Sasha spent a lot of time in London when he was a teenager. He was asked about his experiences there and what he thought of the British music business and which artists he liked there. He responded "I loved it in London, the music business is huge there. I really like Leona Lewis of the new artists. I had a chance to work with some top professionals whilst living there, and was offered a development deal. It gives me a lot of encouragement that I can go forwards. There are a lot of opportunities for young people in London if you have talent. The Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow now for me is a good platform for development as I see it."

Sasha Son released a solo album at the age of 12, thanks to his father's investment called Svajoniu Laivas (The Ship of Dreams). His legendary song Mamai (To Mother)  made him known all over Lithuania and has become one of the most significant and influential songs in Lithuanian music history. In 1995, Sasha received a Bravo award for Metu Atradimas (Newcomer Of The Year). He won numerous international competitions throughout Europe. After a period of 8 years in London where he had studied music, Sasha returned home and received the Grand Prize at the international music contest Palanga 2005. His first single in 12 years Ne Uletaj Feat. SEL reached No.1 in the Baltic Russian Radio Top 10. In 2008, he was placed 3rd in the Lithuanian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Miss Kiss.

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