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From Chisinau to Brussels!

15 May 2008 at 18:50 CEST

Geta Burlacu from Moldova had a spectacular second rehearsal today at the Belgrade Arena. She seems very confident on stage together with the trumpet player, and vocally you can not put a finger on the performance. Geta is sitting on the back of a big, white sofa. She is holding a teddybear in her hands, and she is wearing a purple dress with a white and red petticoat underneath. Moreover she wore a red scarf and was barefoot, which creates a feeling of cosiness. The trumpet player wears a red shirt and white trousers - and a similar scarf as Geta's. On the LED projections in the background, warm colours of red, dark green and yellow are helping to generate the loving and affectionate atmosphere of the song. All in all a wonderful rehearsal by the Moldovans.

Miodio, the young group from tiny San Marino showed that small countries can actually have big stars! Dressed in black trousers and a white jacket, their charismatic lead singer Nicola Della Valle proved that he feels at ease in Belgrade giving flawless performances of Complice. He is backed by his four group members playing their instruments and their female dancer. The setting for the song is held in dark colours - mainly dark blue - with some yellow and red elements being displayed on the LED elements. The whole rehearsal was very professional and the small republic has good chances of qualifying for the big final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest on the 24th of May. 

The last country to rehearse before today's second break at the Belgrade Arena was Belgium's Ishtar. Singing in the made-up language Ishtarian, lead singer Soetkin Baptist is looking confident for the upcoming semi-final on the 20th of May. Soetkin Baptist is wearing a dress in the colours of traditional sweets, red and white. The up-beat elements of the song and the special use of made-up words provides a feeling of happiness. As explained by composer Michel Vangheluwe at the last press conference, the bad thing in the songs are the crocodiles! However, Ishtar have adopted a crocodile at the Belgrade Zoo, and they are going to pay for its food for the next half year.