From charming Croatians to relaxed Danes!

After a one hour break, Croatia was fourth to enter the stage on Belgrade Arena. Kraljevi Ulice & 75 Cents did a good job at today's rehearsal, and it seems like all comes together in the Croatian performance of the song Romanca. The elderly gentleman '75 Cents' was wearing a white suit and a white hat, and the male singer, the male bass player and male guitar player all wore dark suits also with similarly coloured hats. The female dancer was wearing a traditional red dress, and she moved great around on stage. At the climax of the song, charming 75-year-old '75 Cents', also known as Ladislav Demeterffy Laci, was scratching a record on a grammophone like a young hip-hop DJ. The song's representation of three generations is something different this year which might come to the advantage of this Croatian bid for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. At the press conference after the rehearsal, the Croatian delegation expressed that the second rehearsal went smoothly, so they are very much content.

The entry from Bulgaria DJ, Take Me Away by Deep Zone & Balthazar is one of the entries that really stand out this year! The unique blend of breakdance elements, driving dance beats and reggae would find enthusiastic fans in the most trendy clubs all around the world! On stage, we find the charismatic singer Joanna with two DJs, one guitar- and one synthesizer-player, and a male dancer. Joanna was wearing her final clothes today, a daring red dress while her group on stage were dressed casually. The breakdancer had a shirt on which displayed the Bulgarian starting position this year - 12! The projections on the LED screens were changing all the time, and the pyrotechnics added some further power to the song. During the performance, a green laser was used as well. There were no obvious vocal problems, and the DJs could use their vocoders to great effect! In the press conference, the Bulgarian delegation said they were pleased about the way their rehearsal went. They announced that there will be a Bulgarian party on Monday together with Malta and Belarus, and the present media would be treated with exclusive performances there. 

Charming entrant Simon Mathew from Denmark was next on stage at the Belgrade Arena. He will be performing 13th in the second semi-final on 22th of May. Denmark was one of the lucky countries to choose their starting position, and Danish Head of Delegation Anders Kierulff choose 13th position because it being a lucky number. And indeed it seems like that 13 will be the lucky number for Denmark, at least when you look at today's rehearsal: Simon Mathew's professionalism shines through at every take, and it seems like the entire Danish delegation is ready for the upcoming dress rehearsals. At the end of the song, the LED screen in the background shows fireworks in blue, white and purple colours. Today is a special day for the Danish delegation since it is Simon Mathew's birthday, he is turning 25. This was also celebrated at the press conference after the rehearsal where present fans were singing songs in order to celebrate Simon. Regarding today's rehearsal, Simon Mathew told the press that he felt that the second rehearsal was much better than the first and that he and his team "are about to be ready"  for the dress rehearsals.

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