From Baku to Warsaw!

Newcomer Azerbaijan had it's second rehearsal for the first upcoming Eurovision Song Contest semi-final. Azerbaijani performers Elnur and Samir were doing a great job today at the Belgrade Arena, and the Mugham singing style was carried out excellently. Elnur and Samir rehearsed Day After Day three times, and the choreography of the dancers are more or less perfect now. Elnur wore his big, white wings as in last rehearsal. Moreover he wore white clothes which of course fits well with the fact that he represents an angel. Samir, representing a devil, was wearing a black outfit and a leather jacket. It is going to be exciting to watch Samir and Elnur's performance in the dress rehearsals of the first semi-final where the audience can expect a powerful performance from this newcoming country.

Ex-Miss Slovenia, Rebeka Dremelj, delivered a high tec and glamourous second rehearsal of her song Vrag Naj Vzame on this warm Belgrade afternoon. Starting off in a green-lit stage wearing a futurist cape wearing a futurist cape, Rebeka is surrounded by two dancers in black latex and with helmets on their heads. She got rid of her cape quickly revealing a sexy green-blue dress. Surprisingly for the audience, she takes her two dancers on a leash then! Her vocal performance was helped by three female backing singers who are clad in fashionable black clothes. All in all, a very Eurovision-esque performance by the attractive Slovene singer which will surely find its fans among lovers of the contest! At the press conference after the rehearsal, Rebeka told the press that she thought the second rehearsal was much better than the first. She told that the camera work and the microphones worked perfectly, and the Slovenian delegation was satisfied with the result. Rebeka also sang several times during the press conference, including Vrag Naj Vzame.

Norway's Maria kept on impressing at her second rehearsal this afternoon in the Belgrade Arena. Maria had the dress on which she will be wearing for the semi-final on 20th of May: blue, classy dress and extraordinary jewelry and blue high-healed shoes. The three female backing singers were wearing dark pants and blue tops, and the two male backing singers were also in dark outfits. The LED projections and the illuminated stage are covered in what appears to be stars. Maria delivered three vocally spotless performances, and she seems extremely confident on stage while working with the camera perfectly. Maria is certainly ready to conquer the hearts of the European people.

Poland's representative Isis Gee was performing For Life in her second rehearsal today and the classy ballad came across as really classy. Isis Gee has composed, arranged and produced the American-style ballad on her own. Many people who will see her perform on the 20th of May will be reminded of Celine Dion when seeing beautiful Isis - just like the Canadian, the Polish representative has an incredibly wide range in her voice covering several octaves. Isis Gee was wearing an elegant white-silver dress while rehearsing For Life today. Her backing musicians who are playing string instruments and the piano are also fully in white. The stage is lit beautifully during the Polish performance.


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